Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tasha's Girls

I was watching Annie's adoption video and this pic made me happy and sad at the same time...

While we were singing "Happy Birthday" to Annie on her first brithday, Emma sat on my lap.  Then Abigail came up behind me, put her hand on my back and talked to me about why Annie was crying, (she didn't enjoy any of it! lol). I LOVE this pic!  I love these little girls!  Abigail is still in my home town and I miss seeing her and her family often!  Emma was from my home town but at the same time we moved out west, they moved to Hungary- so no matter how I look at it, I would have missed this girl, (and her 2 sisters and paretnst of course), even if we didn't move.

I have been in Emma's life since she was about to turn 3, and while I knew Abigial since she was a baby, we really started bonding around her 2nd birhtdya. At her second birthday she started calling me Tasha. It stuck and I love it!  She and her brother don't call me Tasha as much now that htey are older- I think it is because they hear their friends calling me Tricia.  But Abigial's mom still calls me Tasha and I absolutely love it! 

Tasha misses y'all and your siblings and your parents!!  Mr. Paul, Annie and Jersey do too! :)

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