Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Close Calls

These close calls make me not want to get out of bed.  *shudder*

Yesterday while taking a drive, Paul hesitated as the light turned green.  If he had not, I would not be typing right now, and he and Annie may not be here at all.  Some jerk blew through the red light going at least 60.  If Paul had started to go, the driver would have slammed into him and Annie.   At first it was just a surreal, "Thank God that didn't happen moment," but as we drove on it dawned on me what we just avoided and it made me sick to my stomach.  I don't think they would be here, and I would at least be in pretty bad shape. I mean we would have been going only a few miles an hour, maybe 5, while he was going at least 60.  Yeah, we wouldn't stand a chance.  Praise Jesus! Close Call #1.

Annie was hanging on my bed- which she does everyday and is never in danger- and got way too close to the edge and almost fell.  Onto our tile floor. Close Call #2

Earlier Annie was acting totally normal, and then she just vomited. If she vomits again or spikes a fever, she'll win a first class ticket to the ER! Prayers appreciated! Joy.

While she was in the bath to clean off her vomit she was having a blast.  I always watch her in the tub, but usually I haven't had to watch her like a hawk because she just sits there.  Well today was the first day she had a blast and didn't sit still. I of course started watching her more, and sure enough she fell backward. I was proud at how she fought to keep her head above water and only swallowed a tiny bit of water. If I had gotten a text, or anything that took my mind off of her- well it could have been bad.  Probably not bad enough for her to drown since I was right there, but worse that it ended up being for sure. Close Call #3.

I moved the shower curtain while she was bathing and the rod fell.  It came so close to smacking Annie on the head or face.  So so close.  Can you imagine the damage that could have caused?!  Close Call #4.

4 close calls in less than 24 hours is 4 close calls too many.   Praise Jesus for His protection, and a littel prayer on our behalf would be greatly appreciated. :) 

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  1. Can I put your family in a bubble and we can live in it also? I hate those close calls but it really is a chance to see the protection God gives us. So glad everything is ok!