Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mommy's Muse, part 2

I have completed 4 paintings hanging in my home, (well one will hang- it is drying), and they all star one sweet little angel. She's my muse, what can I say?! :)

I bought 2 large canvases- one to go over our mantle and one to go over our bed.  I dove in and painted the one over the mantle last night.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.

First I painted the bluebonnets as a trial run and I did one last trial run... see below:

 It still looks like an 8 year old did it. lol  I wanted to do flowers for the painting over the bed, but between the two trial runs, I may be taking a different route. I added the quote from Shakespeare. Perfect for our tiny angel. :) (her arms look a little big- ignore that)

Ok, time for the reveal of my painting for over our mantle.  That's a pretty intimidating place for a painting by an unartistic girl. ha! Be nice y'all!

I bought many colors of oil paint and I can't believe how long oil paint stays wet! IT NEVER DRIES!  Ok, so it does, but it takes FOREVER. But it was worth it, (I took a before pic on my phone, which I will post here one day lol). I also bought crushed shells as you will see in a minute, (used Mod Podge to hold them on...wasn't sure it would work but it did!).  I also bought sand that I added to the light brown paint to give it a sandy effect.  And of course I added a few starfish, cause ya know, I have a thing for starfish. :)  Once it dries I will hang it over the mantle and post a pic of that. For now, here are pics, two each, with and without flash:

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