Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Raider Red

Saturday when my mom and sis were in town we ventured over to Lubbock to check out the mall.  It left much to be desired. BUT while we were there, the Tech Cheerleader and Raider Red were there for pictures. Annie saw Raider Red and waved away.  If I had picked her up at that moment and got a picture, it would have worked out.  But she was in her stroller a little too long and freaked out at the larger than life mascot. Her tears, and screams, did not go away.  She reached for the camera man and allowed him to hold her- anything to get her away from Raider Red! lol She even cried with the cheerleaders... but she'd look at one and stop crying to say hi, then continue crying. Little stinker!

Paul is an alumnus of Texas Tech, so we will be spending much time in Lubbock for games since we now live relatively close to campus. If I had known about the photo op I would have dressed Annie in her Red Raider dress I made her. Oh well, we'll have many more photo ops at the football/baseball games. :)  Wreck 'Em Tech!

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