Saturday, August 4, 2012


First and fore most, today is Annie's Adoptionversary! A year ago today we officially adopted her! Oh happy day!

Fully recap here. 

I am completely humbled and blown away as to how God got her to me and to how He chose us for her.  If you have spent anytime with her you will know that there is something extra special about Annie. I am not deserving of this enormous gift, but I am beyond grateful!  Praise Jesus for our Annie and her adoption day- today!

Today also happens to be my 26th birthday.  Yeah, her adoption trumps my birthday in my opinion. ;)

 I was about 3 here
 Age 5- took home the title of Little Miss Houston... with my own hair, my own teeth, and minimal makeup- take that Toddlers and Tiaras! ;)
 My 16th birthday- I have been in awe for weeks realizing that this was 10 years ago!  Time truly does fly!

I was 17- senior portraits from Steven Leonard Photography


I am now 4 years away from 30! I made a list of 30 things to do before I turn 30.  While I was looking around for ideas, I saw a lot of lists with things I have been blessed enough to already have:
1. graduate from college- check- Dec 2007
2. Get Married- check-April 2007
3. Have babies- check-Annie :)
4. Write a book- check- check it out here.
and the list goes on...

I am beyond blessed.  But, there are still some goals I want to accomplish- some I need to and some I would like to.

I was going to reorganize these, but I don't have the energy.  Some are of less importance than others, and would therefore be at the bottom and vice versa.  Some I may not finish in the next 4 years, (I mean, seriously, there is a lot of travel on here, and we may choose not to spend our money that way). I just want to get them on the list so I can remember I want to do them soon. :)  As I complete the goal, I will blog about it, and some of the more confusing ones will make sense then. :)

1. Africa/Mission Trip
2. Boston
3. Disney
4. Meet weight loss goal
5. Keep it off
6. Leakycon
7. VA hospital cookies
8. finish my ya novel
9. Meet Linny
10. Dress up
11. Dermatologist
12. dentist
13. Become active in adoption ministry, volunteering at agency etc
14. Hungary to see Cokes
15. Adoption (1/2) marathon (Rock n' roll)
16. Christian cruise
17. Tattoo
18. Pulleys
19. Oregon- Chupps
20. Ny- Kristi and Traci
21. Paint
22. Homeschool
23. bible in a year
24. Take art roll paper and make worlds longest drawing like Romona
25. sponsor an orphanage
26. Finish children books in the works
27. Learn piano/guitar
28. take a legit road trip
29. Master Annie's hair
30. Continue with Annie's aspirations


  1. Happy Birthday my sweet, sweet friend! I hope you have a wonderful day! See you in a week!!!

  2. boston and new york are great! i hope you're doing well and it's so good to see your little annie growing up (: